Category: My Personal Journey

This is my personal journey to be good to my own heart in as natural a way as possible. I tend to shy away from traditional medicine, but when I had my heart attack in 2014, I had to put my faith into the doctors.

Here I tell my story as I try to reconcile my hippy beliefs with the harsh reality that is our mortal existance. In the end everything boils down to finding a balance. In life, in love, the work we do, the people we hold dear, the simple daily decisions we make.

I’m not here to lecture or evangalise, although on my travels I have come across many who put forward opinion as fact. This part of my blog is about how I navigated the overload of information that’s out there. Whether you are recovering from a heart attack, have heart disease or just want to get your heart in shape, I hope you find my posts informative and they help you to be good to your heart.